Drive Thru Lesson (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! With a warm greeting, a man’s voice at a drive thru talked me into temptation. “Would you like to warm up with some delicious oatmeal cookies today?” Why “YES” I said. I was going to diet but he made it sound so good. I proceeded to tell him what a great salesman he was. After loads of compliments, I found out it was a recording. I felt stupid, I told the lady, but she just laughed!! She didn’t care, their plan worked. I bought them. Satan, the DECEIVER wants nothing more then to destroy us and cause us to sin. He doesn’t care how we feel LATER, as long as it works. Make sure today the voice you hear is real and truthful, because Satan’s favorite meal for you is FRIES!! Joy in truth. Love you:-)

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