Homerun (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My husband played BASEBALL and was very successful because he followed the RULES of the GAME to WIN. If you want to be VICTORIOUS in your LIFE 1st you need to TOUCH BASE with God. 2nd Continue to pay attention to the SIGNALS God gives you, so when you do TURN rough CORNERS you will be SAFE. 3rd Keep you eyes focused on God. The object of the GAME is for the OPPONENT to take you OUT!! Don’t let any SHORT STOP distract you and try to STEAL the good RUN going HOME to God. Don’t COUNT on that devil to make your CALLS, He’s FOUL. You need to use God’s EQUIPMENT, or you will STRIKE OUT. There is a whole WORLD SERIES of examples you could follow, but my PITCH here would be a FAST BALL STRAIGHT to God. If you have any ERRORS, He will always CATCH YOU. Joy, Love you 🙂

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