Nailed Down and Filled Up (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! I know what Noah feels like!! I seem to be feeding the whole neighborhood. It started off with a stray cat. Now there are two strays, a blue jay, and four raccoons. Everyone seemed to be happy until the raccoons became thieves. They stoled the bowl the food was in!! Now Chris has to nail a new one to the wood on our deck. The enemy of this world wants nothing more then to steal and take the very source that feeds your soul, “YOUR HEART”. Just as soon as you get filled up, Satan comes and drags you through the dirt!! But Glory to God!! He had a new plan; He had himself be nailed to a wooden cross, so we are able to get filled up on a solid foundation. “HIM”. COME ALL, WHO ARE HUNGRY. He takes in strays:-) Joy. I love you.

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