God Supreme (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My son would eat PAPA JOHNS PIZZA everyday if he could, he loves it that much. God loves us so much there are never any LEFTOVERS. We were made SPECIAL with the WORKS! My HUNGER was finally SATISIFIED the day He knocked on my door and DELIVERED ME. GOD is so GOOD. I am now able to PAN OUT and RISE to be the BEST I can be, and also CARRY OUT what He CALLED me for in the first place. It all depends on what DEGREE I want to PLACE HIM IN. I’m tired of the FROZEN CHOSEN!! If the Devil’s going to put me UNDER THE HEAT, I’m going to MELT in God, not DRIP and BURN with him. I refuse to be THROWN AWAY. When the LAST BITE of my LIFE is FINISHED. They can CARRY OUT my LEFTOVERS in a BOX that reads “CHRIST is who I SERVED, He is my PORTION, and He is my GOD SUPREME” Joy Unspeakable, Love you 🙂

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