The Moses Miracle (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! We love our animals!! I believe it’s because of the UNCONDITIONAL love that they show to us. That brings me to Moses our cat. We love him! He’s snow white and beautiful. You can’t help but notice him, especially when he’s next to you. He SHEDS and his hair sticks everywhere. DARK clothes are the worse. No outfit is complete without cat hair, right? Similarly, during the DARK days of my life is when God is the most visible to me. Know matter how much I BRUSH Him off, He STICKS by my side and SHEDS His mercy and UNCONDITIONAL love all over me. “I’m just not COMPLETE WITHOUT Him”. Wow!! That’s MY God; HE’s still performing miracles out of Moses!! Joy. Love you:-)

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2 thoughts on “The Moses Miracle (by Becky Rommel)

  1. I know God put animals on the earth for various reasons. Pets have such a wonderful way of making us feel OK. They do love us no matter what. They truly are one of Gods blessings to us. Love ya

  2. Love you sister!!! Im sorry i haven’t called you lately!!! Been so busy, but that is a bad excuse for not paying attention to such a WONDERFUL FRIEND!!! I will call you later!!! promise:) love you

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