King of the Jungle (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! I love Bananas. I like them already RIPE so I can eat them right away. It seems like I have to be PATIENT and wait until they turn color before I use them. This is also true with US. God waits PATIENTLY for us to RIPEN so we can become FRUITFUL for others. But beware of the FLYING MONKEY. He will tear you apart. He doesn’t care who you’re HANGING with. He will take the best part of you, YOUR INSIDES. And then laugh while you SLIP on your PEELINGS that were left from behind. I’m tired of his MONKEY business. You were HAND PICKED by God Almighty. You may say, “But it’s a JUNGLE out there.” Our God is the KING OF THE JUNGLE. And HE grows HIS BEST FRUIT from there, YOU! Hang in there :-) Joy!! Love you.

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