The Conditioner (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Wow what a NAP I had. I was having a WILD DREAM. I WOKE up and my HAIR was TANGLED, a COMB wasn’t going to get this MESS out. Do you WAKE up in your LIFE every MORNING to a NIGHTMARE. You wish it was a DREAM, but it’s REAL. And it’s a MESS.  I had a FIRM HOLD because I was RAISED from my ROOTS to have God in my life. But you had NO BODY to STRAIGTEN you UP. The TOSSING and TURNING in your life, has put a real CRUNCH in things. It’s a DREADLOCK you’re in. Just WASH it with God. I’m not TEASING!! GOD can CONDITION and REPAIR any DAMAGE made. He’s added VOLUME to my life. I would say I’m BIGGER and FULLER NOW then ever.  Joy Unspeakable, love you 🙂

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