Wake Up! (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! I have some GREAT news for you this morning!! This will CHANGE your life, if you remember it everyday. Ready? Your LIFE IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!. What? That’s right. Your life is not about you. God created you for one purpose, and that purpose is about HIM, and how HE will USE YOU for OTHERS. Everyone is so UNHAPPY because they are trying to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. Trying to fill the EMPTY SPOT inside that can only be FILLED with God. The moment you were conceived God had a plan for you. “You” became HIS PURPOSE. He died for you and you’re all HE THINKS ABOUT. Understand this; once you figure out WHO you LIVE FOR, the AMERICAN DREAM isn’t SO DREAMY. WAKE UP!!! He is my Rock and my Salvation in Him shall I trust. Joy , love you!

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