Getting the Offer (by Eric Tromiczak)

In a rather worldly context, we take great pleasure when we put ourselves in a position to “get the offer;” and why not?  Usually “the offer” is the reward for hard work, cunning negotiations or extraordinary skill.  It does feel good when we get a job we’ve wanted or sold a house for profit.  How great would it be to hear your named called during the NBA draft that took place this week?

There are other more humbling offers.  Sometimes we give and sometimes we receive such offers as: “I’ll give it to you for nothing,”  “I’ll do it for you just because” or “I’ll take your place if you’re too uncomfortable.”   Many times these offers come as a shock to us, because we are programmed not to expect such generosity and good will.  That’s a shame, but it is true; it has become the exception, not the norm, to serve others selflessly.

Let us not forget the most selfless and pure offer that is always on the table.  To accept God’s love by accepting his Word.  God’s love is unconditional and unwavering for us, and the rewards are unfathomable by worldly standards.  Yet, just as it is not the norm to serve our brothers; for the same reasons it is difficult to serve the Lord.  Is it because it is just easier to follow the wide path?  Or is it too difficult to give up the rush with which sin tempts us?  A good friend shared Romans 6:23 with me the other day:  “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” I’m ready to take the offer that I had been too blind to see.  Thank you to my brothers for serving as my agents.

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