Coffee Break (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning! It’s been proven that the SMELL of COFFEE brings in business to COFFEE franchises. People are drawn to the SMELL. In the same way I also want people to be drawn to GOD like I am to COFFEE. I do not take my COFFEE BLACK. I’ve had enough dark days behind me. I know GOD is BREWING something good inside me. I need to be more patient and stop with the EXPRESSO’S. GOD knows just the right BLEND that will WAKE ME UP! No more HALF & HALF, REDUCING my joy to 2%. I want to separate myself from the bottom, and rise to the top with a rich WHOLENESS like I’ve never had before. I need GOD to BREW me from His GROUNDS. My INSTANT isn’t working. I hope this message reaches farther then MAXWELLS HOUSE but also to yours. We could all use a COFFEE BREAK. Joy. Love you:-)

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