Trust in God (by Forest E. Getter IV)

UnknownWe have talked about faith and love. And we must have them both. But faith means little without trust. I can say I have faith in God, but until I take the next step and give complete control of my life over to God and trust that God will lead me on the path he has for me my faith is hollow. I have walked the path of faith without trust and it was a chaotic path without meaning or direction. I was trying to make my own way and telling myself that this was what God wanted me to do. I found myself getting farther and farther away from God. When I finally surrendered myself to God’s will, and put my trust in God, I found purpose, direction, peace, and happiness. My life became easy. You do not have to understand God’s plan in order to trust God with control of your life.

Taken from A Daily Walk to Understanding God which is available for free download on amazon – link 

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