MAN-a-CURE (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I’m excited about my NAILS GROWING. My bad habit of BITING them has prevented me from GROWING any. I always BITE OFF more then I can chew everyday in my life as well, and I get pretty LOW and it’s PAINFUL. That’s why I place my HANDS in the Lord. I SOAK UP His UNCONDITIONAL love for me there. No matter how ROUGH or BROKEN I am He SOFTENS me. He MENDS the CRACKS and FILLS IN new GROWTH inside me. The SHARP NAILS that held Him to the cross were PAINTED in blood and PAINFUL. But He knew it would REMOVE the DIRT that remained UNDERNEATH me. When it was COMPLETE, He said it is FINISHED. This became the MAN-a-CURE for all man kind, Forgiveness. Joy Unspeakable. Love you!

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