The Prayer of Presence (by Kristen Mellott Parker)

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13, NIV

This morning, I was having my Quite Time.  This is a major victory for me as it is a struggle to get out of bed so early (the heart is willing but the body is weak).  I am sometimes selfish and turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.  The worst part about it is that the first thing in the morning is the only time when the house is quiet, and no one else is asking for, desiring or demanding my attention.  And sometimes, despite making it out to the living room, I simply sit there in my chair and don’t even know what to pray.  Are there hundreds of things I could be praying about?  Absolutely!  Am I always attentive to all those requests?  Unfortunately…no.

In addition to feeling unsure abut what to pray, I am always slightly uneasy in the awareness that someone in my family might wake up before I can “get it all in,” meaning reading my Bible and praying.

This morning, I was just a few minutes into my Quite Time when my youngest son emerged from his bedroom, eyes squinting against the light in the living room, as he rubbed the sleep from them.  He grabbed his favorite toy from a nearby table and curled up on my lap.  He didn’t say a word to me, just snuggled in close with one of his most prized possessions and we both enjoyed one another’s presence.

I realized at that moment that this is how God wants us to be with Him.  He is our Father and he wants our relationship with Him to be the perfect parent-child relationship.  He wants it to be so secure and comforting and we can just climb up in His lap to experience His presence and be assured that He is there.  We don’t always have to speak – He knows us and knows our heart so intimately that sometimes there is no need to speak.

Today I encourage you to climb into His lap and bask in His glory.  Allow His love and comfort to wash over you, and let your Heavenly Father enjoy your presence too.

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