Let the Music Play (by Frank D. Jonez)

I feel good!!

“My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music.” Psalm 57:7, NIV

Check out the latest new release from Frank D Jonez!  Frank is the music minister at New Hope Church in Greenwood, Indiana.  He is truly a gifted, and Godly man.  I absolutely love this song!  It puts a smile on my face, and and a dance in my heart every time that I listen to it.

I dare you to listen to it three times….  I’ve been singing this song for the past three days 🙂

Want to check out some more great music from Frank D Jonez?  You can check out his website at:  #mce_temp_url#.  If this music is a blessing to you please pass this site along and leave some feedback for Frank as encouragement!

Are there any more original artists out there that would be willing to glorify the Lord and encourage their brothers and sisters by sharing their music on Manna and Coffee for Breakfast?

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