Jesus Helps Me (Paige Jia Qin Winneroski, 1st grader)

Sometimes when I get on stage to do our group number I get nervous but Jesus helps me get through the dance.  My prayer when I go on stage is please help the dance go well.  One time I got lost in a store and I didn’t know where my mom was so I went looking for her and I found her because Jesus helped me.  My prayer was to find my mom.  I get really worried about my homework if it’s not right but Jesus helps me.  My prayer is that it is right.  – Paige

One thought on “Jesus Helps Me (Paige Jia Qin Winneroski, 1st grader)

  1. Man does this bring a tear to your eye. Just this morning Lindsey(7) my daughter was talking about praying to Jesus. I could not help but to cry and feel the faith of a child and the blessing and gift that God has given me through her. I want to have faith like her. Lord I pray that my faith be like a child. I know Lindsey is the real spiritual leader in this family. I have to catch up with her..

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