Science x Faith = 1 x 1 = 1 (by Len Winneroski)

Unknown“On the other hand, representatives of science have often made an attempt to arrive at fundamental judgments with respect to values and ends on the basis of the scientific method, and this way have set themselves in opposition to religion. These conflicts have all sprung from fatal error…science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration towards truth and understanding.  This source of feeling however, springs from the sphere of religion. To this there also belongs the faith in the possibility that the regulations valid for the world of existence are rational, that is, comprehensible to reason. I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist without that profound faith. The situation may be expressed by an image: Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein; “Out Of My Later Years”; Wing Books, Random House; copyright 1956, written in 1950, revised in 1956; pg 24.

“The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.”

“Science brings men nearer to God.”

Louis Pasteur [1822-1895]
Father of Microbiology, developed “pasteurization”

“Speculations? I have none. I am resting on certainties. ‘I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.'”

“A Christian finds his guide in the Word of God, and commits the keeping of his soul into the hands of God. He looks for no assurance beyond what the Word can give him, and if his mind is troubled by the cares and fears which assail him, he can go nowhere but in prayer to the throne of
grace and to Scripture.”

“Since peace is alone in the gift of God; and as it is He who gives it, why should we be afraid? His unspeakable gift in His beloved Son is the ground of no doubtful hope.” –[1861 letter]

“The Bible, and it alone, with nothing added to it nor taken away from it by man, is the sole and sufficient guide for each individual, at all times and in all circumstances…For faith in the divinity and work of Christ is the gift of God, and the evidence of this faith is obedience to the commandment of Christ.”

Michael Faraday [1791-1867]
Inventor of the electric generator and the transformer
Discovered Benzene–used to make plastics, nylon and dyes
Produced the first test tubes
Described Field Theory
*Hailed by Albert Einstein as the foundation for his own scientific discoveries*
Elder in his church for over 20 years

“I had the intention of becoming a theologian…but now I see how God is, by my endeavors, also glorified in astronomy, for ‘the heavens declare the glory of God.'”

“I am a Christian…I believe… only and alone in the service of Jesus Christ…In Him is all refuge, all solace.”

“Let my name perish if only the name of God the Father is thereby elevated.”

“[God] is the kind Creator who brought forth nature out of nothing.”

– Johannes Kepler [1571-1630]
Astronomy/Laws of Planetary Motion

“With regard to the origin of life, science…positively affirms creative power.”

“Overwhelmingly strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us…
the atheistic idea is so non-sensical that I cannot put it into words.”

Lord Kelvin [William Thomson] [1824-1907]
Physicist, Laws of Thermodynamics, Absolute temperature scale, inventor

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