Humility Takes Down Pride! (by John Loy)

images-2My son and I went fishing – always a good thing for a son and a dad to do together. As we traveled to our fishing spot I proclaimed that we were only going to eat what we caught. If we didn’t catch anything we were going to go to bed hungry!  There, the stage is set 🙂

My line was the first to be cast, and within minutes I landed a 14 inch Yellow Bellied Perch, which weighed in at just under a pound and a half (enter the self pride). I put line to water again as I told my son that I was going to go to bed with a full belly that night. I told him that if he was half the fisherman that I was he would go to bed full too.

What is that saying? To make a long story short; that was the only fish I landed that day. For the next hour and a half, my son could do no wrong. He landed the next 21 fish…including a 24 inch Big Mouth Bass.

To add insult to injury, the Lord sought fit to teach me a lesson. My son came over and asked if he could fish next to me. I had not moved from the spot where I caught my first and only fish. I told him go ahead but that nothing was biting anymore. I told him that that he would have to be a better fisherman than me to catch something (enter a BIG piece of HUMILITY PIE…skip that piece nonsense…I get the whole thing). That’s when my son landed the big Bass.

Have you ever noticed that during infomercials they always say, “But wait, there’s more…” well there is. On our way back to the campsite my son put his arm around me (holding stringers packed with his fish) and said, “That’s ok dad, if you’re still hungry, I’ll share some of my fish with you.”

Pure humility taught through a child by God. I’m thankful for that moment. As I sat by the campfire later that night and reflected (amazing how a campfire can cause you to do that) God spoke to my spirit saying, “If you put down your pride and humble yourself as a child, and let My Son wrap His arms around you, you will never go hungry again.”

Talk about a God moment!!!

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