ATM (by D.A. Cobb)

imagesOne morning I found myself in desperate need of cash. Two of my grandchildren were having their first piano recital that afternoon and I was broke. I needed to have pocket money so I decided to drive to my bank and use the ATM. This particular bank has its machine located in a far corner of the parking lot, far removed from the building.

I drove up and was about to enter my password when I noticed a small sticker which read, “This ATM offers audio assistance for the visually impaired.” It is a wonderful gesture, but if a person is visually impaired and cannot read the instructions on an ATM machine, why in the world are they driving in the first place? Just a thought!

Like the visually impaired, we all have imperfections. Whether physical, mental or spiritual none of us can be classified as perfect. There was one. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and He was perfect in every way. There was never another like Him before His birth nor one since His death on the cross.

“In bringing many sons and daughters to glory,

it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists,

should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect through what he suffered”

                                                                                                                                      Hebrews 2:10

Many spend a lifetime following the impossible dream; gaining perfection in an imperfect world. A sad aspiration to be sure. It simply cannot be done no matter one’s intent or resolve. From the beginning we are all sinners which by definition make us imperfect and flawed.

When our earthy journey ends, and we have sought to live according to the teachings of the Master, and through our faith in Him we will be graciously welcomed into our perfect and lasting home. The instructions are clear, the path defined and the beginning only a silent prayer away.

That’s the challenge.

James 3:2

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