Cravings (by Rebecca Albrecht)

For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalm 107:9

Do you crave anything?  Drinks, cigarette, food, new clothes, new furniture….an endorphin high?

Is your craving filling a void?  Most cravings are a form of a relationship issue.  Not just with people but also with things.

The word “crave” means to beg, yearn for, to covet, to have a strong desire.  We can “crave” good healthy things as well as “crave” not so good things.

Differences are measured by how those “cravings” affect you.  Are they avoidance actions, as in denying feelings and numbing out? Does the craving alter your thinking or blind you?  Do you justify these cravings?  Do the “elements” you crave have you?

Do we run from the real to the substitute or fake to fill that hole in our soul?  Do these elements become your bread?

Do not fill the soul with things that won’t satisfy.  God wants to fill that hole.  He made us for relationship, first with Him and then others.

Jesus   Jesus   Jesus    There is power in that name!!

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