Life in a Crowded Room (by Ricky Maye)

Life is crowded and loud. We are all searching for company; this is why major book stores and places like Starbucks become so profitable. People sit for hours doing things they could do at home, but in public. We are social, we are seeking; all looking for something. Yet sometimes all I hear is noise, living in the city the sounds obscure the thinking, sometimes I just feel like life is yelling over me, so it is that I cannot be heard.

In the very first verse in the book of Genesis, we are told that the world began as an undistinguishable wasteland of voided emptiness. There was chaos and so much happening, yet nothing. There was so much movement, yet no benefit, no profit, no purpose.

Have you ever had a day like that? So much going on, yet nothing coming from it? Maybe you’re going through the motions and still feeling dead. That wasteful and lacking feeling is something God does not like. God was not content with “nothing” he was only satisfied and though of something as “good” when it was producing, and this principle echoes all throughout the New Testament.

Do you ever have those days in which you keep yourself busy just to escape from everything.  Nothing was thrown together here; the scriptures use the word, “divided” for God separating the light and dark, etc. The word divided comes from the Hebrew word, badal which means to distinguish with a purposeful intent. When God began to shape and create the world, he started to assign, separate and distinguish this chaotic expanse that existed. In this we see the first glimpse of the personality and attributes of God.

What we begin to see is a very hands-on approach to setting out goals and establishing boundaries for the world and assigning purpose to every plant, animal and every little thing that is on the earth. This is a road map for the physical and spiritual today.

What we see in this creation poem recorded in scripture is a God giving specific rules of living for the water, grass, and animals, but we also see man taking on that place and becoming the ruler of that world around him. I talk about what God’s intent was when he used that word “rule” in my book The Simplicity of Your Destiny.

I think this is an awe moment to understand the simplicity of life. I’ve been to many classes on business management and restaurant management and this is what they teach you. Assigning duties creating purposeful interactions; God didn’t want the world continuing in the violent wasting decaying life it was, he imagined not a perfect world, but a purposed world.

“The simplicity of your destiny is that the starting line begins wherever you decide, and the finish line ends wherever you can make it to.” The boundaries and confides of life are stretched between your wants and cans. What is it that you want to accomplish this week?

God finished his creating acts by handing us the baton, telling us to create and shape our lives and our world. This is a charge echoed by Jesus to us in some of his final days on the earth to his disciples and us.
So let us create! Let us dream! The Simplicity of Your Destiny is that it is all in your hands. What are you going to do with this trust from God?  Let’s strive to be tactful and create, assign and lead the way God did and don’t forget to pass it on to someone else. You can’t do everything sometimes you need to take a break.

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