Fixable (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I need to consider going to the CHIROPRACTORS to get some relief from this PAIN I’m having. Have you allowed the STRESS and TENSION of this World we live in, weight heavily on your SHOULDERS? Some of it is BACK PAIN you received from the past as a child. The biggest ADJUSTEMENT you could make is to allow God to STRAIGHTEN IT OUT. Satan love’s it when you reach your last NERVE. Whispering in your head that God doesn’t SUPPORT you. Satan is a SPINLESS liar. He’s the CROOKED one!! God is PATIENT with you. BRACE on to God’s truth and MOVE FORWARD. After God REVIEWED your past INJURIES He sees HOPE for you. YES, you’re a PAIN in the NECK but NO THERAPY needed. Just RELAX, you’re FIXABLE just the way you are now. Joy Unspeakable. Love you 😉

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