Thief for Breakfast (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! This wild thing happened this morning while I was reading my bible. There was a continuous knocking sound at my back door. I thought it was my stray cat I feed everyday outside, so I opened it and it was that raccoon again. That thief keeps eating the cat’s food I lay out. I’m sick of it. I went and got my fly swatter and was going to beat it with it. I turned around and he and the cat both were in my kitchen. WHAT!! That raccoon is so comfortable with me now he thinks he can come inside!! Satan will do the same with us. He moves slowly towards the entrance, before you know it, your welcoming him home and serving him breakfast. This is CRAZY!! Don’t take the HEAT, GET OUT of the kitchen!! HE’LL WANT DESERT!! Joy. Love you:-)

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