Moving Again (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My sister’s friend Julie is a REALTOR. What a JOB to have in this 21 CENTURY!! I’m sure God’s thinking is the same. I see all the HOME IMPROVEMENTS I need to make in my life before my CLOSING DATE comes. Looking at my INSPECTION I have failed miserably in every way. My FOUNDATION is CRACKED and I found myself STITTING EMPTY. But then something happened one day, I decided to have an OPEN HOUSE. I RELOCATED by MOVING CLOSER to God. My INTEREST started to CHANGE. I found myself doing CLEAN UP WORK and emptied some DIRTY CLOSETS. This was a clear SIGN thing were MOVING AGAIN. The last time I CHECKED, I have always tried to give Him the GOOD CREDIT. What a great DEED He did, to PAY for such a BAD DEBT AS MINE. Joy Love you:)

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