Removing the Mask (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! As HALLOWEEN approaches, it’s not the MASKS that SCARE me it’s what’s underneath them. The things people try to cover up in their lives, it’s FRIGHTENING!! Yes I’M talking MONSTERS. It’s not a TRICK that made you behave like this, and it’s not a TREAT for the people who live with you either. When sin entered the world the Devil wanted to STIR up a BREW of trouble. And he did, he’s been on a WITCH HUNT for you from the start. Don’t you notice how everyone walks around like a ZOMBIE? They are just DEAD. It’s because he’s SUCKING the Joy right out of you. Get out of that HAUNTED HOUSE you’re in and start REALLY LIVING and FILL IT WITH THE HOLY GHOST!!! Joy Unspeakable, Love you:)

One thought on “Removing the Mask (by Becky Rommel)

  1. It is amazing how we really don’t the people who are even dear to us. We all put on a mask to make it through; putting our best face forward. So many of us hide behind these masks with feelings of pain and hurt and depression. Love ya sister

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