Facebook and Friends (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My Kids tells me I’m addicted to FACEBOOK now and I can’t live without it!! That is how I feel about GOD. MY SPACE is now filled talking about Him all the time. Who’s NAME do you SIGN IN under? FACE it, GOD has SEEN your PROFILE and you could use a UPDATE. The PAST PICTURE your SHOWING is not good. But He has no ATTACHMENTS FILED against you. It’s ALL been DELETED. “I like this.”  Now you have the OPTION to SEARCH and FIND Him. He’s given you NOTIFICATIONS, but you keep IGNORING HIM. This is a FRIEND SUGGUSTION. Before you LOG OFF, ACCEPT HIM. Joy , Love you 🙂

Image retrieved from http://wrcc.typepad.com/justinfluhr/2009/06/facebook-jesus-friend-suggestion.html

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