Grow Up (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I bought BABY gifts for two NEW ARRIVES. I’m excited to watch them GROW UP. When we are BORN AGAIN in Christ there are SMALL STEPS to take so we don’t FALL. The most important part has already been done, Christ DELIVERED YOU. Now the RECEIVING BLANKET of forgiveness is always WRAPPED AROUND you. But it doesn’t give you permission to go back into the PLAY PIN and PLAY. Those two FORMULA’S don’t MIX WELL together. You just end up TIRED and POOPED out; it just PACIFIES the lack of REST in your life. Now you have a real MESS and it STINKS. Let God NURSE you, He LUV’S to have you PEACEFULLY RESTING in His arms. It may take 12 to 18 MONTHS. But when God PAMPERS you, you’ll GROW into a beautiful CHILD of GOD. Joy, Unspeakable 🙂

Image retrieved from,r:30,s:58&biw=1604&bih=834

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