The Grace Cycle (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! I love my sister. She is spending time with me and teaching me things I never knew! I have been WASHING my clothes on the wrong CYCLE, HEAVY DUTY. It’s WEARING my clothes out. All of us want to start our day out FRESH and CLEAN but the AGITATOR and trouble we face are HEAVY DUTY! You have been on the CYCLE too long. It’s WEARING you out and SPINNING out of control. God wants to lessen your LOAD. He can CLEAN up anything. You are so DELICATE to Him. His love will SHRINK down any problem to a SMALLER SIZE and PERMANENTLY PRESS within you a different LEVEL you’ve never been in before. He sees the SUPER CAPACITY within YOU! You want your MESSES CLEANED UP? FILL up with HIM before you’re completely DRAINED OUT! Joy Unspeakable. Love you:)

2 thoughts on “The Grace Cycle (by Becky Rommel)

  1. WOW! Your message could not have come at a more perfect time cause sister I am feeling all WASHED UP. I probably am guilty of running life on the heavy duty cycle trying to take care of it all alone. Then I stop and try to SOAK up what God can truly do for me. Let go and let God. love ya

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