True Beauty (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I love my MAKE-UP. Some may say I put it on too HEAVY.  But I need all the help I can get. My NATURAL BEAUTY only comes from GOD. To FACE the day we need to APPLY God to it, He is our BASE. I know it’s hard to stay STRAIGHT and follow the LINES when it’s BLACK. But you’re putting DARK SHADOWS on your EYES. Can’t you see the SMEARS they are creating? They even make me BLUSH. Others SEE IT. It’s showing up by the tears you’ve cried, it’s because you’re RUNNING. Read my LIPS, He will STICK with you and STAY ALL DAY. He’s got you COVERGIRL till the end. He won’t WEAR OFF because HE’S THE FOUNDATION that makes YOU BEAUTIFUL. Flawless finish. Joy love you.

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