My Life Saver (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I saw a BOAT on its way to the LAKE. It was a sure sign of the NEW SEASON ahead. When the SEA’S of my life are CALM, it’s easy to stay a FLOAT. But when the WAVES of disappointment and sorrow come ASHORE, I can get off COURSE and lose my sense of DIRECTION. God hears your DISTRESSED CALL. He will use this STORM to RESCUE you. Then you will DISCOVER the LIFELINE He has available for you to GRAB on to. Im not trying to be STEARN, but some of you will let this S.O.S. SIGN SAIL right by you without JUMPING IN. Don’t be a DINGY!! He is trying to SAVE YOU!! Don’t wait till MAYDAY to CALL OUT to God. You maybe a real SHIPWRECK, but you haven’t SUNK YET! You’re WORTH SALVAGING TO GOD!! Joy unspeakable!! Love you!

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