Concerto for Christ (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I always considered myself a SINGER, not a WRITER. But since I have been INTONE with God I can tell a KEY CHANGE has definitely taken place. Life is now on a HIGH NOTE and I would like to hold it there. The TONE of our life can turn FLAT in just a BEAT of a second. But only if we don’t have God as our BASS. My ENIREPEACE comes from Him, and it is there were I finally get a REST. The KEY is to keep your eye on the DIRECTOR. God may have a RYTHM CHANGE happen, but He always has a BACK UP to help you get back on TEMPO. You keep PRACTICING and you will reach SCALES so HIGH that you will not be able to MEASURE. You think this is GOOD? This is just a WARM-UP, wait until the FINALE!!! Joy love you!

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