First Love (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! My teenagers have taught me a lot of things about DATING that I never knew. Now I know the difference between TALKING and GOING OUT!! But nobody had to teach me about HEARTACHES. Nothing can compare to losing your FIRST LOVE. Did you know that you were God’s FIRST LOVE? I’ll never forget my first BLIND DATE with HIM. I had never seen HIM before but HE swept me off my feet. After we started TALKING, I fell in love with HIM. I can tell Him anything, and He will listen. I have read His TEXT every morning. He LOVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY. It’s true! MATTHEW, MARK, and JOHN all told me so and they gave me HIS WORD. He will never LEAVE me, DIVORCE me, SEPARATE from me, and He already DIED FOR ME. Now that is a DATE worth KEEPING. Joy Unspeakable!! Love you.

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