Vision (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! We had a problem. Seth couldn’t FIND his CONTACT in his EYE. He knew it was THERE but couldn’t SEE it. Some days we also lose CONTACT with God. We know He’s THERE but we can’t seem to FIND Him. Don’t be DELUDED by the PAIN your in. Things are just DILATED right now. The IRRITATIONS of life can bring you to TEARS, but God will REPLENISH the TEARS you’ve lost. He is the SOLUTION to your problems. EXAMINE yourself and LOOK beyond the LENSES you SEE. God has a VISION for you. He will make the PROPER CORRECTIONS that are needed. It’s BLURRY because you can’t SEE FAR away when it’s CLOSE UP upon you. He’s right NEAR your SIDE and it’s ALL perfectly CLEAR to Him. And that’s what counts. 2 Cor.5. We live by faith not by sight. Joy love you:-)

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