United with Christ (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My niece Erica is a FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Her Job is to make sure everyone has a SAFE, ENJOYABLE TRIP to their DESTINATION when FLYING. Heaven is our DESTINATION but our JOURNEY before ARRIVAL isn’t always ENJOYABLE. TURBULENCE can DROP out of no where and it can get ROUGH!! God wants each of us to REACH HEIGHTS we have never been before, but we have to stay SEATED in God’s Promises. Your own DIRECTION and CONTROLS will take you STRAIGHT SOUTH, and you will CRASH AND BURN.  Also you need to get rid of the BAGGAGE you’re trying to HOLD ON TO.  It WILL COST YOU and it’s not worth it. Let God CARRY IT!!  It’s time you are UNITED with Christ. The SKYS THE LIMIT!!  Break through the DARK CLOUDS and see the SON:) Joy Unspeakable. Love you!

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