Kindness cocked and loaded

Love Kyle’s heart and writing!

Mental Sweat

Say weird things. Say strange things. Say uncommon things.

Let me give some backstory first. Our company did very well in 2017. Because of this all employees are blessed with a large bonus. We just found out how large that bonus is the other day. We are all excited about it.

I was working at my desk this morning and the director of the property and casualty underwriters was working next to me. He got up to go get coffee and stopped to tell me thank you for everything our team did to work towards our company’s goals. We’re not even in the same department or anything, my team didn’t do anything special…he was just noticing the small things we did do and recognizing it.

I kind of smiled and nodded because I didn’t even understand what he was saying at first. Like why would he be thanking me!? No…

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