Agile prompt

Great thoughts from a “young lion” that I have the privilege of calling my friend.

Mental Sweat

When I think of agility I think about it in the athletic sense. To me it is the ability to move quickly and efficiently around obstacles to gain an advantage.

Problems and pain arise in our life so quickly and out of no where. How valuable is agility in life with that truth? It seems like the ability to move swiftly around our problems would be very beneficial.

Barry Sanders perhaps better than anyone personifies the term agility. He made a lot of defenders look silly as he would juke one way and go the other before the defense even knew what hit them. Agility was a tool that Barry used better than anyone to gain an advantage over the defense. What strikes me now though is Barry is not considered the greatest running back ever overall. He has hundreds of highlights where he left defenders grasping at air, but…

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