Resolutions and Reflections (by Lindsey Winneroski)

The Blue Balloon


The start of each new year is filled with resolutions. As another year comes to a close, people begin to reflect on the days that have passed. Optimism is high as the ball drops and confetti fills the air.

Gyms are packed. New hobbies are taken up. Old habits are dropped.

Just like a new notebook at the start of a school semester, the year begins fresh. Although change can take place on any day of the year, the start is always a great reminder of the potential that might lie ahead.

And so in the season of New Years’ resolutions, I began to think. What would my resolutions be? As I watched the ball drop, surrounded by family and friends, a wave of incredible thankfulness washed over me. Here I am, 21 years old, being given the opportunity to see another year roll around. A powerful reminder that I…

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