Brief Encounter (by D.A. Cobb)

A few months ago I was standing alone in a parking lot ready to load some heavy items into my car. Not only was I was physically exhausted from the day’s activities but as the afternoon turned to evening I was becoming mentally fatigued as well.

As I bent over to begin lifting the boxes I heard a voice, stern but pleasant, asking if I needed assistance. I turned to see a man with a bearded and kindly face looking at me with the deepest of blue eyes and a warm and gentle smile. I was startled by the moment and replied I could manage myself, thanked him for the gesture and continued my task. He never spoke another word and as I glanced in his direction he was gone. I never heard him approach and was unaware of his silent departure.

It quickly became a spiritual moment I couldn’t ignore as I questioned where he came from and how quickly he disappeared.

Soon afterwards I began to consider how God must feel as He extends His hand in love and is rejected by pride. All He really asks from us is to be His friend and to accept His promise through grace. It is our choice to ask Him for repentance and forgiveness by faith and our reward is to be forever held in the comfort of His outreached arms.

Maybe we should become more like this stranger and humbly ask others if we may assist them in their time of need.

I finished loading the cartons and drove home feeling consumed by His presence and knowing I will never again abruptly dismiss an offer of help.

Proverbs 13:10

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