Interviews (by D.A. Cobb)

Last evening I returned to my college alma mater for the first time in years. I had been asked by the business school to help conduct mock sessions for graduating seniors as they prepared for their corporate interviews.

It was a great experience for me and I hope an interesting and informative time for them.

What a great bunch of kids. Not only were the students from this country but the ones I interviewed also represented Taiwan, South Korea, Dubai and Latvia.

My favorite candidate however was a young man from China who was dressed in a three piece suit, tie and recently polished black shoes. He had come to this country five years ago on a student visa, has only an uncle in New York City (which he has never met) and barely knew our language. And here he is graduating this spring from a top ranked university with a major in accounting. What a tribute to desire and perseverance.

I couldn’t help but notice one common trait as each was filled with the excitement and innocence of finally stepping out on their own. You could sense their anticipation as they were about to move from the comfort and simplicity of campus life to the real and unforgiving world awaiting them.

Is it not the same as we petition our God for our eternal position as we pass from our current surroundings to that of the unknown? At that moment we are all graduates of this earthly academy and plead to go to His everlasting class for our higher education.

Our homework assignment has been to study and pray daily with God as we seek our own divine and heavenly placement.

I certainly hope to score well on His entrance exam, maybe even in the top quintile.

John 6:45

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