Baggage (by Ricky Maye)

Dual baggage.

A few years back I was on a flight to Michigan and I saw a weird act of kindness. While checking in at the self check in (because it’s quicker!) I laid eyes on a family who was over their carry on baggage limit by one bag, and they were arguing about which one would have to be checked.

A stranger behind them said, “I’m on the same flight I’ll take it.  My ticket allows one more bag.” So he took it, later when boarding the plane, his laptop and bag took up his lap space while all the overhead compartments were full. He was in a predicament.

Now he was posed with the same question, “what are you going to check?” The families baggage quickly became this mans baggage. This was such a spiritual inspiration to me as I was being taught by God about forgiveness and dealing with baggage.

Biblical forgiveness

When we hold something, it’s a type of baggage in our lives.  We have good and bad baggage, even good baggage can get heavy, meaning even when your doing good things, life can still become unbearable; people begin asking for more, people begin expecting more.

When we hold hurt, unforgiveness and grudges, we are taking the hurt and pain of someone else and carrying it ourselves. If we let this happen a few times we begin to carry these huge bags with us everywhere.

Some of you are still dealing with past hurts and you can feel it physically drain you, this pain and hurt can even kill you spiritually.

For you, this baggage is more than real.

It can be a rape, it may be a divorce, or a break up, the list can go on, but you don’t need any examples, you know what your hurt is, you know what baggage you’re holding.

The Hebrew word for one dealing with common forgiveness is nasa and it means to lift, to hold up and to put down.

When we hold unforgiveness we can cause ourselves to hold not only our own baggage but the baggage of others we will not forgive. My unforgiveness is making me carry her issues with her mother. My unforgiveness towards her is making me deal with her childhood abuse.

I don’t know about you but I have enough baggage to deal with than having to deal with her issues too, I don’t have enough room to fit his problems too.

My baggage is beginning to be become filled with her baggage when I just can’t let go.

Getting rid of it

When I forgive I am able to let this baggage down. Its not about moving on, you can’t lose it, anyone that tells a women to forget her attacker hasn’t been attacked, anyone who tells a child to forget his abuse hasn’t been abused. Forgiveness is about letting go, lightening the load, and checking a few bags.

This forgiveness journey isn’t about trying to be perfect in people’s eyes and saying I forgive and forget, because no matter how much you say it, it probably wont happen that quick, this journey is about getting rid of extra baggage.

Jesus echoed this by saying, “cast your care upon me.” Or “Let me take those bags”, my version.

A excerpt from Ricky’s book An Emerging Spirituality which is available on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Baggage (by Ricky Maye)

  1. A fabulous post! So much that we carry, we are unaware of the weight that it bestows upon our spirit, our being… until we can offer these things up to him that can carry the load for us and set us free…. to each moment we must be true to ourselves and those who we carry forth.

  2. And that is what it is all about, every moment. God planned every moment for purpose and pursuing of good beneficial things. We all have something in the closets but When we embrace Gods empowerment to experience this supernatural freedom we can make the most of every moment.

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