The Word (by Rebecca Albrecht)

The word inspires me and gives me hope WHEN I am living right.  However, when I am amiss I get upset with the Word….like a pouting child saying it doesn’t work…..yes, you just have to believe it and let it work in you.

Of course, like in recovery from anything else in life you have to be diligent and seemingly perfect….not….or you might collapse.  We know this isn’t true.  If you want healing you can not just lay there, turn your mind off and hope it goes away.  Rest is one thing, but that is not what I am referring to.  How much of what we go through in life is a spiritual condition?  Even science has recognized and connected many illnesses to spiritual conditions.  The main two are unforgiveness and bitterness.  These can literally eat you alive.  Of course, hearing this can pour a heap of guilt on one.

The spiritual reality is repentance from a sincere heart.  It boils down to either His will or my will!  Only God can and will change our hearts.  In other religions there isn’t anyone who changes your heart.  Putting down the walls of hurt are the walls that will either free you to love or hold your love inside.  No man can take God’s destiny from you but YOU.

My prayer is that His Word will be yea and amen in our lives!

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