Teaching Others (by Rebecca Albrecht)

Do we do what we teach others to do?  Heard a sermon today of meat and potatoes…at the end the preacher handed out pieces of paper which had on one side the word “application” and the other side the phrase “prayer request.”  His intent was for us is not to just to hear the Word and walk away feeling better. 

How often do we go to hear a message and forget it before we reach the church door…and by then we are already caught up in conversation of some sort.  Whoosh out went that well prepared message and nary another thought given to it.

We can follow the letter of the law, right?  But rituals will not save us or get God’s praise.  Only by allowing God to come and live in and through our hearts will we get us His praise. Oh, how I taught my children the right things to do and say…  It is only by the grace of God that they listened to me and “walked out” the items that I myself did not do.  Romans 2:21. “Well, then, if you teach others, why don’t you teach yourself?”

Examination time for me.  I have spent much of my life instructing others but am I walking my own talk?  That is what grieves the Lord… He is concerned about what I am doing personally with the teaching.  A great leader leads by example and then others will follow.

My prayer is that I will follow my own teaching. Transparency… Am I hiding and kidding myself?  Keeping busy and filling the days with things and jetting from one thing to another trying not to come up front with what I know God wants in me. Making a plan for the desires He has put in my heart?  I think so…OK, I know so!

Why torture myself and not work with Him?   Aaaaah, Laziness???  Guess so!  Looking for the next busyness item to occupy my mind instead of being accountable to Him, enjoying the journey, and accepting what He has placed me on this earth to do.

Understanding the why isn’t Jesus’ way…He asked us to be fishers of men.  So how can one be a fisher of men and not follow Him yourself in the way He designed you to be?  No one else is going to fill that place as no one else is made like you!

Teaching others truths and not doing them ourselves isn’t His way.  He said to “follow me”… Is that what we are doing?  Following Him?  No one fails the test.  He just lets us take it over and over again until we pass, then onto the next test!  Our character needs to be built strong enough to carry our talents. My prayer is that we will all be brave enough to be “open books” that point others in our path to Christ.

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