Be Safe Not Sorry (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I was driving to work and noticed all the Signs on the road instructing us what to do. We have laws in this land, so that we have order and everyone stays safe. I know of a man who does not want to wear his seat belt, so he doesn’t. He thinks that he has the right not to. I understand why he feels this way, but there are rules we must follow. Yes, he got a ticket for not wearing one the other day. But that didn’t make him start putting it back on. He got caught yet again and received another ticket. He has had several in the past two years. You would think he would have learned a lesson on this matter, but he refuses to follow the rules. God has rules that we are suppose to follow. He has even given us an instruction book that guides us and shows us exactly what has happen to people in the past who follow them and to those who don’t. You don’t have to follow them, it’s your right. Your choice. Read the instruction manual, the Bible and be SAFE NOT SORRY. Joy unspeakable 🙂

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