Rivers of Healing (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My Daughters BLISTERS seem to be getting worse. Her socks have become BLOOD STAINED. Basketball season with its constant HAMMERING really puts the wear and tear on a person’s FEET. She said she tries not to think about the PAIN until the games is over. They hurt worse when they LOSE. Has the HAMMERING of life BLISTERED you? So many people just cover their open wounds, just enough to make them numb. They would never want to expose their PAIN to anyone or God… So they become HARDEN and CALLOUS through time. The nails that were HAMMERED in Christ feet at Calvary BLED Rivers of healing. It washed and cleansed any open wounds that may cause any PAIN. His BLOOD STAINS will cover you and gave you a VICTORY in any LOSS. Joy love you 🙂

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