Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My daughter is hooked on the program CSI and it reminded me of the CASE against JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth. He was an INNOCENT man, MURDERED in broad daylight on a CROSS with two other THEIFS. This CASE is like no other CASE known because He was the SON OF GOD. Yes Perfect DNA. There was plenty of EYEWITNESSES; many knew these men as the TWELVE DISCIPLES. And all of the EVIDENCE they saw take place was DOCUMENTED in the BIBLE. We even SWEAR on it today in COURT. But it is astounding how many people believe it’s just a CLOSED CASE. Do your own INVESTIGATION. I found PROOF by His FINGERPRINTS of love that are on the HEARTS of many who put their TRUST AND HOPE in Him. And by the FOOTPRINTS by which these people have WALKED. Joy Unspeakable. Love you.

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