Cooking for God (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! While napping I was awakened by the SMELL of FOOD from downstairs. I could tell Chris was SERVING something GOOD. God is SERVING a perfect MENU too. He gives you a CHOICE AT THE PICKENS. What are you going to FEAST ON? It’s RARE to have everything TURN OUT PERFECT. Even if you TURN IT OVER to God. But at least when the PRESSURE COOKER of life RATTLES your LID, you won’t FALL APART PIECE BY PIECE. So I ask you who will you SERVE? Don’t STEW over it any longer. The TIMER IS SET. CHOOSE GOD, and when you are FINISHED, He will say WELL DONE my GOOD and faithful SERVANT. MAT. 25-14. Joy!! Love you:-)

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