Precious Present (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My girlfriend Karla gave me the most PRECIOUS PRESENT. It’s a book, and its title is called just that. A story of an old man using his wise words to help teach a young boy how to search for Joy and Happiness. I am convinced people can’t possess these GIFTS because they are always living in the PAST or in the FUTURE. The PAST has its mistakes or guilt we carry. And the FUTURE has its anxious worries awaiting us. God does not exist in our TIME. Therefore God looks at us differently. He can see neither PAST mistakes nor from our future ones to come. He sees us in our PRESENT. Look in the mirror and try to see what God sees. You are RIGHTEOUS and WORTHY because of His PAST DEEDS, not your own. Our existence is HIS PRECIOUS PRESENT TO US. What a gift. Joy Unspeakable!! Love you:)

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