Burden of Proof (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! If you were CHARGED with CHRISTIANITY, would there be enough EVIDENCE to CONVICT you? Where do you STAND on this QUESTION? How would you PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT this was TRUE for you? Having a bumper sticker and a crucifix cross doesn’t make you a CHRISTIAN, anyone can have that. Just believing in a God doesn’t matter; the devil believes in God, that’s a FALSE TESTIMONY. You need WITNESSES who have seen you GIVE acts of KINDNESS, PATIENCE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS to others. If you are NOT the GUILTY PARTY in THIS matter. Then it’s likely that Satan the PROSECUTER has already FINISHED, SEALED and CLOSED your CASE. Now, you need to wait with the rest of us for JUGEMENT. By the way, this is NOT JUDGE JUDY!! Joy, love you.

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