Santa and Inner Beauty (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! My favorite sign I have in my kitchen reads “No one cares that Santa’s over weight.” What’s up with that? Santa’s FAT and we call him JOLLY, but when I am FAT they call me UNDESIRABLE. Santa’s even got GREY HAIR and WEARS an OUTFIT I wouldn’t be SEEN IN. But we still LOVE HIM. When will we understand? It’s WHO HE BECAME and what he REPRESENTS that WE LOVE about him. Not what he LOOKS LIKE. God made ME for a PURPOSE, to be a GIFT to others and to REPRESENT CHRIST. What I LOOK LIKE is just the COVERING of the real GIFT I am INSIDE. Now, know matter what I LOOK LIKE in my CHRISTMAS PICTURE this year, I can SAY “LOOK I’m BEAUTIFUL, LOOK who I BECAME” joy!! Love you:-)

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