The Real Best Buy (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Well the RETAIL STORES are happy. They know how to TARGET us. Each one competing to try to give us the BEST BUY. Did you spend all your PENNY’S on everything yet? It would be CHEAPER just having KOHLS in our stockings!! I’m broke, even TJ MAXed out on his CREDIT CARD this year. We sure don’t get much for the PRICE we PAY. Do you want to FIND VICTORIA’S SECRET to CHRISTMAS, or mine? I found it by looking inside the manger. It’s the BEST BUY going. The HIGHEST PRICE has already been PAID THERE. Next year just think about GOODWILL. Then we can have PEACE ON EARTH, and SAVE A FEW BUCKS shopping there too. Joy Unspeakable!!

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