Taking Aim (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I come from a generation of Hunters. But GUNS scare me. I guess it’s the POWER they display that FRIGHTENS me the most. The day I was placed in God’s HANDS, I received the same POWER that my Savior has. Don’t get me wrong I can still be a PISTOL that pretty much comes AUTOMATIC. But if I continue to SCOPE out God and FOCUS on Him, I am a dangerous WEAPON to be used against evil. Well that FRIGHTENS the devil, so now he starts taking his TARGET PRACTICE against me and tries to DISARM me. He’s hoping something BACK FIRES and my Soul’s SAFETY becomes an issue and I get myself in a JAM. SHOOT!!! I’m NOT TAKING COVER from the devils LICENSE TO KILL me. I have one SHOT at this life I might as well go out with a BANG!!!!!! Joy Unspeakable, Love you 🙂

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